No third party servers, simply secure app.

Unified Inbox

Folders or labels / Office 365 or GMail?
Everything organized in one sheet.

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Just One Inbox

That really means all the mail from everywhere, arranged in one place.
Supports GMail and JMAP labels nativelly. For other accounts, it syncs all folders and presents them as labels .
You do not need to go into every folder and sub-folder. Everything combined in a Just One Inbox

Below the date there is a fine line to find out about the account where the letter is from.

Also Aliases, Display Names, Label colors, are synchronized if you use JMAP or GMail.

Unified Inbox
Email Viewer

Powerful Email Viewer

Displays all mail from this conversation in a single view.
To be as convenient as possible, it hides the previous answers. But it retains the ability to see them with just one touch.

Ability to block image tracking. And to be as fast as possible, all this is done in the background before you see the ะต-mail. All external resources can be loaded only after the mail is displayed.


Synchronize and bring context when reading email (avatars, phones, other email addresses).
Multiple API protocols as CardDAV, Google People API and MSGraph Users.

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