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Speed and Simplicity For Your Inbox.

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Some people just leave all of their email into their inbox, worrying that, when conversations are out of sight, they will lose the overall view.

But many others are using rules to keep their mailbox organized by moving emails to specific folders depending on the context.

Some mobile email apps syncronize these folders, but the user still needs to browse them in order to see newly received email.

MailTemi now makes the work with these rules and folders more productive by representing them in the Inbox with their folder names.

unified email list

Triage Emails

Triage View displays your emails as a stack of cards. Swipe a mail card to either archive it or read it.

If you need to reply or forward a message or to see the whole message, simple tap on the expand button.

triage emails quickly


More than anything, a good email app should be fast!

Building email list from all of the email folders means to synchronize all of them!
Mailtemi achieve sync time as short as similar apps synchronize just the Inbox.

To save network traffic and get the content as fast as possible, Mailtemi do some tricks.

Download only the HTML content, and generate from it content preview used it as plain text for the search.
Delay downloads of items which are not probable to be viewed.



Native support of Gmail labels!
For other email accounts the folders are represented as labels in the “All Inboxes” view.

Familiar UI

No need to re-learn how to use the email client.
MailTemi sticks to the native Mail app and adds subtle productivity features.

Easy Setup

Finds automatically the email server settings for you.
Works with Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook and all IMAP services.


Ability to increase font size in email content.
Threaded conversations are represented in a single view.

Triage Emails

Triage's "first aid" approach to email presents you with just two choices: archive or read.
Expand if you want to see entire email and controls.


Mailtemi does not store nothing outside of your iPhone.
A classic email client!

What's New?

Version 2.8.8

  • Hide "quoted text" in the conversation thread.
  • Content preview is generated only by reply instead of the whole email.
  • The search bar is included in the Navigation bar to provide extra visible space..

Version 2.8.5

  • Triage email with full HTML presentation.
  • Archive emails.
  • The navigation bar is now foldable, so more emails are visible when sliding up.

Version 2.8.1

  • Markdown. Easy to write and read.
  • Markdown to HTML preview.
  • Highlight Markdown special symbols.

Version 2.7.9

  • Search for emails with iPhone Spotlight!

Version 2.7.8

  • Support for iOS 11 and iPhone X.
  • Swipe gestures that make marking messages as read/unread, as well as flagging and deleting, a whole lot quicker (iOS 11 only).

Versions recently released

  • Support for landscape mode.
  • Import files from iCloud Drive.
  • Print emails and export to PDF.
  • View, attach photos and files.

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